Intense Workout


Group Strength Training

A proper foundation for training is vital to your success and results.  Getting stronger, toned, and more confident are the goals of our Group Strength Program. 

This program is designed to teach you the fundamentals of weight training movements, while increasing your overall strength, mobility and flexibility.  (All while preventing injury and making sure you are taking care of your body!) 


If you are new to weight training this is more than likely where you will start unless we do an assessment and feel you are ready for Bodybuilding.

What you can expect:

-Trainer led classes
-Learn the fundamentals of weight training. 
-Form Correction

-Build confidence with lifting weight. 
-Upbeat & encouraging environment



** Group Strength is required before getting into the Evolve Bodybuilding program. We want to be sure you are ready both physically and mentally for the next step in your transformation.

EVOLVE Bodybuilding

This program was built to maximize your results in the gym.  No more endless workouts, daily cardio sessions or guessing what works on your part.

Evolve Bodybuilding follows a specialized periodization model taking each client through different progressive stages of training.  By following a structured model of progression, you are able to strengthen your muscles, increase lean muscle mass, and burn fat.  Periodization also prevents overtraining (Our program is 3 training days per week) & reduces the risk of injury. 

During the Evolve Bodybuilding Program, we are able to detect muscle imbalances throughout your body and strengthen those areas.  This will allow for a better full range of motion, stronger muscles, and decreased pain in problematic areas of your body. 

What you can expect:

-Small group / semi-private training 

-Trainer led workouts & support
-Positive encouraging environment

-Workouts always rotating so you never get bored! 


** Bodybuilding does not equal “Bulky.”  Everyone wants to go for that toned, lean look which is achieved through strength training and proper nutrition.